Parental Guidance Notes

We will be teaching your child the RYA learn to sail syllabus. Whilst we will be using this guide as the framework for the majority of lessons we may also teach other areas of sailing and general fun and activities on the water. We firmly believe, from our own experience, that sailing is far more than just a few ticks in a book.

With this in mind, it may take longer than one term to complete a “Stage”. We will not award certificates to people we feel are not at the required level. We are aiming to teach young people how to sail, not just how to do a list of specific skills.

As Parents / care givers you can really help your child excel with their sailing by going through their log books with them and testing them on their knowledge or helping them practice certain areas – such as knots. A simple google search can help find a variety of topics mentioned in the logbooks. There are also many inexpensive books around the subject.

If we feel the weather conditions are unsafe to run a session then we will contact you on the number you provide when booking, as soon as we can. Please bear in mind that there is a theoretical part to learning to sail. We try to cover this more on days when the wind is unfavourable, either very light or very strong. So even if the wind is very strong, we will still be covering areas required for your child’s progress.

We do sail in the rain.

Please ensure your child is on time for their lesson and collected promptly after the lesson.

Please pay for your child’s lessons in full on the first day in either cash or cheque. It means we can spend more time teaching on the water than chasing for late payments. Students whose payments are not received by the start of their third lesson will not be allowed to sail.

If your child has to miss a lesson then they can make that lesson up but it must be done before the end of the booked set of courses by joining a group on another day. Any lessons not completed by the end of the booked block of lessons are forfeited and non-refundable.

In winter it is normally still warm enough to sail in shorts and t-shirt, however if the wind is strong the sailors will need either a wetsuit or a light wind resistant jacket to keep the effects of windchill at bay.

If you have any questions throughout the course, about what we are teaching or how your child is progressing, please feel free to come and ask us after the session. We are more than happy to explain how the lessons are going with you.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on or 33632515.