Doha College Year 3 Water Activities

Regatta Sailing Academy was thrilled to welcome 135 Doha College students from year 3, for three days of water based activities.

The lucky 7 and 8 year olds from both Al Waab and West bay campus made their way to the Academy in Katara for a school trip like no other!

The students got to try their hands at Catamaran sailing, Dinghy sailing, Raft building and also Dragon boating. With around an hour on each activity the students really got stuck in and gave it their all.

The catamaran and dinghy sailing activities were held in the middle of Katara bay. The students were towed out on their boats a then given the challenge of sailing back to the beach. Under the watchful eyes of Coaches Sam and Matt the sailors made the trip back to the beach very well and all had a go at the steering along the way. The raft building was a true test of teamwork, design and strategy. With each team being provided two boards, three metal poles and rope they had to work as a team to decide on their design, then build the raft of their choosing. Once all their classmates had returned to shore from their own activities it was time to race! A short out and back course sorted the best rafts from the weaker ones and the more coherent teams from those who failed to plan.

The Dragon boating provided a much bigger team challenge with everyone together inside the boat having to time their efforts perfectly to propel the craft against some very strong winds. One slip from anyone in the team and the dragon boat could go side on to the wind and be blown away downwind, causing the entire team countless more paddles and effort to come back. Under the very attentive oversight of the Doha Wireless Warriors all the students got out and back very well and loved every minute of it.
We at the Academy really enjoyed seeing so many young faces getting out on the water in the different activities and hope they have many stories to tell for years to come.