DESS Activity Days

Regatta sailing academy were proud to host the Doha English Speaking School for 2 multi activity mornings on Sunday and Wednesday.
The two groups were first split into 4 teams with one team to each activity once in their activity the teams had a quick lesson on how to use the equipment before heading to the high sea to have some fun!

The sailors enjoyed some light wind and paddling from their fun boats and picos in teams of 2 people in each boat, some even made it all the way to the other side of the bay when the wind picked up!
While 2 teams were sailing there was another team out paddling in the dragon boat with the Doha wireless warriors, who enjoyed some games such as tug of war and who could get the highest speed and best coordination.

Once these 3 activities had finished on the water, everyone gathered to cheer on the raft builders who had built some impressive crafts to race against each other, from the start line they carried their craft into the water swam, paddled and pushed to get round the mark before the home straight back to the beach and land their craft and one final sprint to the finish line.
Overall lots of smiles and laughs were had by students, teachers and instructors on a thoroughly enjoyable day for all involved!