Qatar Airways BCD Sailing Team

16 lucky team members from Qatar Airways BCD team had the opportunity to give sailing a go on Thursday 17th May.

The 16 selected team members were paired into teams and then given an introductory briefing from Simon Kearns and Sam Hancock.

With the teams briefed and ready the 8 boats were towed out to the sailing area and then began their intro to sailing!
Very quickly the teams picked up the use of the steering and sail and were making graceful arc’s around the course provided for them.

The teams then had a short sail out in to west bay before the start of their race!

A brief starting signal and the teams were away around the reaching course the Regatta team had set for them.

With the race complete the 8 teams then zig zaged their way back to the Regatta Sailing Academy base in Katara, landed and packed away their safety equipment.

Regatta Sailing Academy had great fun helping get the Qatar Airways BCD team out on the water and looks forward to seeing them again!