Sherborne Year 6 Activity Mornings

Regatta Sailing Academy were very proud to host the Year 6 students from Sherborne Qatar for their activity morning sessions.

Over four morning we had 60 students come and visit us. The sessions started with a welcome briefing and explanation of the goals for the day and how to use the safety equipment.

Following a brief introduction to how the boats work the students left our base in Katara and started sailing for the island.

Some groups had a good strong wind so were able to sail quite rapidly towards the island, some had lighter wind so had a slower journey to the island but none the less all the students made it to the island!

Once on the island the students had a brief lunch break followed by two activities. All the students got to use paddle boards and practice their balance skills and teamwork whilst the other half set off to clean as much plastic rubbish off the island as they could.

After a little while the team’s swopped over and had a go at the other activity.

Once the beach was cleaned and everyone’s balance muscles used, the students loaded back onto their boats and started the sail back to Katara.

We are really impressed with the amount of rubbish these teams cleaned off the island and how well they worked together as teams while learning a new skill. Well done Sherborne Qatar Year 6!