ACS Multi-Activity Session

American Community School multi activity session with Regatta Sailing Academy

Regatta Sailing Academy was proud to host the American Community School for their multi activity session.

50 students made their way to the Regatta Sailing Academy, based in Katara for an early start. The students were looking forward to getting out on the water with a number of activities planned for them, from sailing, to raft building and practicing their balance on the water.

With an hour per activity the students jumped in head first, some literally, to learn how to sail, balance on a board or build a raft. After their hour of activity all the students changed over and tried their hands at the next activity and then another change so that all the students got to try all their activities.

At the end of the session all of the students put their safety equipment away in a well ordered manner and after a final debrief from the Regatta staff departed back to school with plenty of stories and skills!

We were very happy to have the students from ACS come and sepnd a morning with us and we wish them all the best in their coming exams and rest of the school year.