Team Building with DESS

Regatta sailing academy was very proud to host the second edition of the Doha English Speaking School year 5 team building event.

Over the course of two mornings the 80 students of Year 5 at DESS made the trip to Regatta Sailing Academy to enjoy an amazing morning of activities.

Following the introduction and safety briefing the students were split into four teams. Each team took turns at going sailing, building a raft and trying their balance with paddle boarding.

All of the students, even those who were a little nervous about going in the water, got stuck in and had a great morning in an environment some what different to what they are used to in school!

At the end of each session the groups came together to cheer on their favourite rafting team as they attempted to paddle off the beach, around a turning mark and back to the beach, some more successfully than others!

Regatta Sailing Academy was happy to host these 80 excellent students and wish them the very best for the rest of their academic year!