Rig Your Boat!

One aspect of lessons I always try to emphasise whilst teaching is rigging your boat as people seem to overlook the importance of this step.

Rigging your boat gives a greater understanding of both how it works and how to sail it more efficiently. For example, when putting a sail on the mast you should make sure the sail is not twisted otherwise it will generate less power. If you rig your boat with the outhaul or downhaul too loose you could struggle in stronger winds!

If you don’t know how to rig your boat properly you can make your own life more difficult! There is a saying that I strongly believe in – “If you can’t rig your boat, you can’t sail your boat!”

Should a rope snap while you are on the water it is important for you to know how to replace it as we aim to make you independent whilst your sailing, regardless of age! Remember, the more you practice the easier and faster it gets! So next time your coming sailing, get stuck in, learn another part of your sailing skill set and get your boat rigged!