Racing for All Ages

Sailboat racing is a great sport for people of all ages to get in to because not only can it help improve your sailing skill but it can be a way for you to meet new people.

Our junior racing fleet restarted recently, some of them were a bit nervous at first but quickly rigged up their boat with the help from parents and those that had already rigged for the races to come. Before we race we always have a briefing of the course. This week we went through a couple of sailing rules and I have to say it was nice as every one participated in offering rules to be discussed.

Each week we aim to do a training session before the races to help improve different aspects of the race from starts to lay lines and mark rounding. Its not just the kids who get to race, the adults also race on Fridays and Mondays.

Our racing consists of 8 weeks of sailing/training with 2 races each week going to your overall result; the top 3 will win a medal! In the juniors we have top Pico, Tera and Laser (and most helpful person). Points work by 1st getting 1 point, 2nd getting 2 and so on with the winner being the person having the least amount of points at the end of a series.

We hope if your not racing you will come race with us soon but if you are already racing good luck to you all and remember being last isn’t as bad as you think, being last just means you have more potential to improve than those in 1st place!

Best of luck and hope to see you all out soon