Junior Racing Fleet Autumn Series 2016

Last Saturday afternoon was the final race in the Regatta Sailing Academy junior racing fleet Autumn series 2016.

19 competitors from 8 different countries competed in the 8 weeks series. 16 races were completed with each competitor getting 4 discards.

With a fair mix of windy and not windy days the junior racers, aged from 7 to 18, had a great mix of conditions to both prove themselves and also to progress their skills.

With racing overseen by the Academy’s coaches Sam Hancock and Matt Reeves the sailors had a mix of race training and races.

Some of the younger, smaller sailors struggled when the winds were stronger, a difficulty we have all had to experience in our paths to becoming sailors, but they were encouraged and supported by the older sailors in the fleet with some of them even offering their boats for the sailors to sail with them. An attitude that we encourage and celebrate at Regatta Sailing Academy.

After 16 races and 8 weeks of racing the winners were….
1st Overall – Connor Jefford
2nd Overall – Timme van der Wal
3rd Overall – Spike Douglass

1st Laser – Tristain Edwards
1st Pico – Lilliann Lucas
1st Tera – Nevio Carta
1st Female – Lilliann Lucas