Deloitte Team Building with Regatta Sailing Academy

Regatta Sailing Academy was very proud to host 16 members of the Deloitte Qatar team for a team building exercise on the 10th November.

The 16-team members had the chance to experience the Academy’s three yachts, two stripped out, high performance racing yachts and one larger more comfortable cruising catamaran. The participants were given their safety briefing in the four seasons marina by the principal of the Academy, Mike Lawton. They were then divided into three teams based on their experience and aspirations and introduced to their instructors and specific yacht.

All three teams then rigged their boats and got out sailing. A sail up into west bay first, just below the Pearl and then a downwind trip via the city center and out on the way to Banana island.

The teams then had a short, semi-competitive race back to the four seasons marina where they then de-rigged their boats, moored them back in the marina berths and completed their session.

For most it was their first time sailing so they were guided by the Academy’s Yachtmaster instructors and keelboat instructors who oversaw the sessions and ensured that everyone had fun whilst remaining safe.

Regatta Sailing Academy is very proud to have worked with Deloitte to produce a successful and enjoyable morning of sailing for all involved.

To organise a team building session for your company or employees please get in touch with us via the contact us page.