Mike’s Office

Parents has it struck you, your teenage children may have the necessary qualifications to charter a sailing yacht and take you out into the ocean after they have sailed with us!

I must congratulate Gabriel and Tom who have just arrived at that stage after spending several weeks sailing me around Doha bay. I exaggerate slightly, they can't disappear over the horizon alone yet but they will find their certification satisfies some well-known charter companies around the world – you should find your highly competent teenagers would keep you safe!

As an ageing sea dog I must also congratulate the intrepid ladies who boarded my racing yacht "The Office" complete with paddleboards and sailed off to Safiyah Island. Once at anchor their boards were launched, on they "jumped" and under the watchful eyes of their instructor Pam ably backed up by Ollie, paddled off to the seaward side of the island into the blue yonder. On their return in a freshening, cooling sea breeze they sailed The Office back to the Museum of Islamic Art Park completing their morning's adventure and somewhat reluctantly returning to the joys of Doha traffic and the school run. Congratulations ladies!