How I became a Sailing Instructor

Good morning, good evening or good night (depending on when your reading this).

I’m Sam and I’m fairly new to working in Doha as a dinghy instructor. Before this I worked in the UK for 5 years as a multi activity water sports instructor and as a volunteer coastguard.

I didn’t have the best start in my younger years and growing up was difficult, but the parents I gained took me sailing and introduced me to a sport that is both fun and rewarding.

I started sailing when I was 7 years old at my local sailing club however I didn’t get any sailing qualifications till I was 16 years old because I didn’t know that I could! Sailing can be hard work, but that makes it that much better when it all finally clicks in your head.

The experience I’ve gained through sailing hasn’t just helped me with sailing but with every day life. It’s helped me gain lots of confidence, new friends and courage to work abroad.

So what do the qualifications mean?

The qualifications mean that you have reached a certain standard at sailing. There are many certificates for sailing starting at youth stage 1 going to 2 and 3 and 4. There are also adult level 1 followed by 2 and 3. The advanced modules, racing, spinnakers and others, follow these.
Theses are personal qualifications, so how do you go from being a sailor to being a sailing instructor?

Well its simple really! When you reach a certain standard you can apply to do a 5-day dinghy instructor course where you will be taught how to teach sailing to people who may never of been on the water. Once you are a qualified dinghy instructor you can then progress up the ladder to further yourself professionally by qualifying to teach more advanced aspects of our sport.

The Royal Yachting Association issues these qualifications and they are recognised worldwide. This means that if you want to work abroad like Oli, Hannah, Simon or I, you can! Working abroad is a whole new experience that I recommend to anyone. You get to teach what you love and explore the world meeting new people in new places!