Sam’s Homework

Sometimes when we run courses at Regatta Sailing Academy we ask our students to go and look up or draw certain things from their sailing lessons. To make it quicker for everyone who gets this homework, I have done the work for you! Now all you have to do is either draw the necessary picture or print it.
The Diagram on the left is the Points of Sail diagram which all aspiring sailors should take a lot of care to learn. Why? If you can learn theses points of sail and what there called you it will make your sailing much easier especially when looking for the speed zones or the spinnaker host and drop areas.

The Diagram on the Right is how to recover a M.O.B. (man overboard), this maneuver can also be used for picking up a mooring buoy. The only difference is the M.O.B. moves down wind slowly where as the mooring buoy hopefully shound stay still!

The two diagrams below are parts of the boat and sails, done on different boats however this does not mean that everything is called something else as you can see most if not all parts are called the same thing luckily or it could get confusing!

You can say thanks for helping you with your homework next time you are down at the beach!