Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

What is it?
The D of E int award is an international scheme which aims to equip young adults with the skills for success in life and work. Covering 5 areas, the scheme builds a persons knowledge and skills in areas which are typically lacking through formal, classroom based education.

Who can do it?
Anyone between the ages of 14 and 24 can participate in this non competitve award.

Whats invovled?
The award is broken into three levels, bronze, silver and gold and each level has 4 seperate units. They are Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. The gold level has one extra unit – Residential Project. There are minimum time requirements for the units which increase as you progress through the levels.

Why should I do it?
There are a number of published reasons why a young person should get involved with the International Award such as it being a really impressive item to have on your C.V. When you start looking for employers. Personally I think it is worth so much more than that. It forces a young person to see the world without electronic devices strapped to their hands and encourages them to go and learn new skills at an age where there is a huge drop in activity of people that age which then leads to obesity and other health problems as they get older. Even more than that, it is just such a rewarding feeling to commit your self to a project for a long period of time and succeed by helping others around you along the way.

How do I do it?
Regatta sailing academy have offered the International Award for the last 11 years. You could do any of the four units with us, from volunteering at the beach for your service, attending a theory course for your skill, progressing or learning sailing for your physical recreation and we have some incredible adventures for the adventurous journey. For the bronze level we have traditionally sailed from Doha to Bahrain, spent a night there to recover and then sailed back to Doha. Silver level we normally sail to Abu Dhabi and back, a one way trip of nearly 200 nautical miles, 400 round sail, and for the gold level we sail to Dubai and back, a round trip of almost 500 nautical miles. All teams taking part in the trips undergo a training period where they are responsible for thier development as a team and the training and journeys are all held under the expert supervision of a very experienced yachting instructor, however the students are expected to be in charge and the instructor is there to oversee and make sure everything is safe and correct.

Ok, sign me up?
If you are interested get in touch with us and we can discuss the best route for you to get involved with the international award!